144 Days to Star Rememberance

NS1.26.8.27, Kin 126: White Solar Worldbridger: dedicated to the return of the People of OMA

All fear programs are 12:60 generated, and once spawned, tend very swiftly to be assumed as second nature. Once a fear program is accepted as second nature, a type of sensory shutdown occurs within the organism. When the fear programs become collective belief systems, then an unconscious playing out of previously unresolved histories takes over.  —Valum Votan

Kin 144, Solar Moon 17 (March 23, 2014) marks the 3 year anniversary of the passing of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. You are invited to telepathically synchronize with us at 11:11 a.m. (Pacific Time)through the rainbow bridge meditation to send a telepathic signal of appreciation to our star family and in honor of the galactic intelligence brought forth by Valum Votan on behalf of the upliftment of all sentient beings.

This day, Kin 144 (23 March) initiates an accelerated 144-day window of time that culminates on Magnetic Moon 20, Kin 28 (14 August). This is a time to exert in lifting our minds beyond what we have known them to be and openly embrace and aspire completely to the cosmic nature of our reality. This means rising above doubts, fear programs and daily dramas to stay tuned to the vast Galactic Motion picture that is unveiling itself in the most mysterious ways.

Image 55Kin 164, Yellow Galactic Seed (26, July, 2013) marked Ground Zero commencing a new galactic beam and new 104,000-year galactic spiral density wave. This new beam is a high energy plasma frequency beam. It is telepathically loaded with a new knowledge base for our planet and has been synchronized to the psi field of the Earth and to Earth’s resonant frequency.

We are currently in a 4-year process of holographic alignment: From the inception of the new galactic beam (2013) to the flowering of the beam as Universal Awareness in the Crystal Seed year. (Note: Telektonon prophecy of Pacal Votan was complete on Crystal Seed in In the First Year of Prophecy, Kin 144)

This is followed by the Red Cosmic Moon year (2018-2019), year of the Cosmic Healer, where we transcend entirely the flow of the old order catapulting  Timeship Earth into an entirely new force-field as we take magic flight into the Magnetic Wizard (2019-2020).

The GM108X transmission is the central focusing beam of this new force field. This transmission originated from the star Sirius, which is understood as an interdimensional star council. In turn, Sirius receives its commands from Hunab Ku, the center of the galaxy.

288 Synchronicity

Recently I went on a 26-day meditation retreat in the mountains of Colorado. Arriving at the cabin on Kin 68, I  was told that on that morning 2 golden eagles appeared (sign of star Sirius—as described in The Knowledge Book). When we drove up to the gate I noticed the address on the gate: 288. This sent deep ripples through my etheric body and I felt this was a code to pay attention to.

g-ruby-angel288 (144 × 2) is the number that refers to the polar harmonic of light. In other words, it is the planetary sphere from whose poles emanate the auric rainbow light (144 North Pole/144 South Pole). The ejection of the circumpolar rainbow bridge is unveiled through the stabilization of the polar magnetic fields. There is much meaning within this to contemplate in light of current planetary affairs.

The harmonic of polar light—288—is the harmonic of noospheric stabilization of the Earth through supermental attunement to the synchronic order.   —Valum Votan

In the 441 matrix, every number has 21 permutations.  In contemplating this, I multiplied 21 x 288 = 6048.

60 + 48 = 108. GM108X (see fascinating study of 108 by Ormangandr)

60 x 48 = 2880 (fractal of 288 polar harmonic of light).SOLAR CORE PEARL

The Synchronotron Base Matrix Unit of 6048 is 315. The Kin equivalent is   68: Yellow Electric Star, the first day of my retreat and the day I entered the 288 gate!

288 also codes the Serpent Initiate solar seal in the Hunab Ku 21.

Planetary Unfoldment

On the Absolute level, all is in perfect order—but at the Relative level humanity appears to be in a perilous state.These 144 days will be a deeply transformational time, both on planetary and personal levels, as we close out this Yellow Galactic Seed Year and enter the Red Solar Moon Year.

images-2This current 260-day Galactic Spin began on Self-Existing Moon 14 (October 31, 2013), Kin 1: Red Magnetic Dragon.

This was Samhain (or Beltane in Southern hemisphere), and also the Mayan Day of the Dead. The psi chrono unit for this day was Red Cosmic Serpent, Kin 65, the cosmic presence of Maldek and the culmination of Wavespell 13: Skywalker/Martian prophecy wavespell.

The dynamics of the current 260-day spin can be likened to a beautiful lotus flower which can only grow in mud. The Dragon wavespell represents new birth while transmuting the subtle psi energy of the karmic residue of the destroyed planets that is now being filtered through the light of the new beam. Though on the surface things can appear muddy, a whole-system rebirth is well underway. Remembering that diamonds are formed from the blackest of earth undergoing tremendous pressure.

Navigating our sails according to the synchronic codes, we are given daily instructions on how to guide Timeship Earth to divert and dissolve the faulty analphs that resulted in the collision and dissolution of other world systems.


images-47-year Solar Angels: Benevolent Sirian Surveillance

Again we see that this 144 day cycle concludes on Magnetic Moon 20, Kin 28: Yellow Lunar Star  (14 August, 2014).

1+2+3+4+5+6+7 = 28. Everything is by the power of 7.

As we saw from previous blogs, in these next seven years (2013-2020) we are opening 7 Light Gates that are guarded by 7 solar angels. This also coincides with the dawning of the 7th day of creation illuminating the prophesied sixth sun of consciousness. As of Kin 144, 240 days will have elapsed since Galactic Synchronization. Kin 240 = 6 Sun, galactic signature of Buckminster Fuller).

Note: Fuller passed away on Kin 109, Red Overtone Moon (1 July, 1983), which is the code-bearer of the year (2011) that Arguelles passed away.  Synchronically, on the 109th birthday of Fuller  (12 July 2004) the US postal service released a commemorative Buckminster Fuller stamp.

The third Solar Angel spreads its wings in the Planetary Wizard year (2015-2016) 2016 = 7 x 288! The Synchronotron Kin equivalent of 2016 is 196, Yellow Magnetic Warrior, third resurrected generation, and Bode number of Uranus.

The 7th solar angel comes to Light in the Magnetic Wizard year (2019-2020), and is guarded by the Yellow Overtone Sun: the Command of Enlightenment. The Sun is the Key and is the interdimensional portal and transmutation chamber for commands from the higher star councils such as Sirius. solIn light of the current planetary events unfolding, we see that Russia, Ukraine, Crimea and the Black Sea Region in general are located in the Sun Zone of the Planet Holon connected to the crown chakra. “The heat of meditation has already been generated. Sun enlightens life as the universal fire of self-generating meditation.”

The Sun Zone is also the zone of the galactic/karmic in-breath and corresponds to galactic/karmic Pluto, the underworld to be redeemed by the light. Ukraine is also the birthplace of Madame Blavatsky, Blue Crystal Monkey: Kin 51, in 1831 [= Kin eq. 11].

Valum Votan likened the seventh day of creation to the “divine harmony that bursts forth when karmic error and its “evil” have finally exhausted themselves.”  At this point the outworn hologram is being replaced by a superior science and magic based on a new knowledge, the laws and codes of the synchronic order of the Law of Time.

FA5144-Day Challenge

The synchronic order of the universe maintained by the functioning of the Law of Time defines the “Divine Plan”. Prior to the discovery of the Law of Time, the Divine Plan unfolds in the cosmic unconscious, becoming self-reflectively known to the intelligence of evolving bodies in time as “revelation.” —Valum Votan, Dynamics of Time postulate 19.6

The 28-day harmonic standard is the means of synchronizing the mental field of Earth with the frequency of 288 (harmonic of polar light) … —Valum Votan

The Dreamspell-Telektonon cosmology shows that planet Earth is the final repository of a vast set of dramas whose origin is ultimately far beyond our solar system. The memory of our star origins is virtually forgotten or distorted by most of humanity due to a variety of fear programs.

The challenge is to see how much we can remember and how we can raise our frequency in 144 days through intensifying practice/study of the synchronic order and in particular the 13-day cycle.

There is much hidden knowledge within the 13-day cycle (the repressed power of the feminine) waiting to be telepathically tapped into. Hint: Fifth-dimensional electronic frequency wars are remedied through the opening of the 13 hidden Star Gates, each guarded by one of 13 New Species.

A 13-day cycle is known as a wavespell in galactic time. There are 20 wavespells in a 260-day cycle (spin). This corresponds fractally to the 26,000-years over 260 days. As of Kin 207/Dec. 21, 2012 we concluded the 26,000 year cycle and have now commenced a new cycle that is coded into the 20-wavespell sequence.


Within the 144-day cycle there are 11 full wavespells + 1 day.  

13 x 11 + 1 = 144

Get a journal to document your 144-day synchronic journey. Start with the practices that you know and build from there. The basics are given in the Star Traveler’s 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity.

Map your “time” using the 13-day wavespell cycle. So on the first day of every wavespell you set your intention and then go through the 13-day process. See here:  http://www.lawoftime.org/lawoftime/wavespell-and-pulsars.html, or pages 264-265 of the Almanac for simple wavespell instructions. Draw the wavespell, color them and meditate on them.

The 20 wavespells constitute the five castles of time which makes up the genealogy of Timeship Earth, the fourth/fifth-dimensional body of the biosphere of planet Earth.

Each wavespell is integrally linked in its sequence to a ‘story’ which can be called myth or history. This script is actually an interplanetary catalog of possibilities for the creation of either heaven or hell.

3827687Synchronized Practice

Our unified practice accelerates the realization of the collective unified mind of the Earth (noosphere).

The ultimate purpose of practicing these codes is to establish a telepathic network on Earth, based on a new science that demonstrates the capacity of the human mind to interact with the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

If you are new to this, begin with the basic meditation of the daily affirmation and oracle (see 13 Moon Almanac).

If you are an advanced practitioner then amplify your concentration on your practices. All practices are meant to produce ever-deepening states of self-reflective consciousness and non-dual awareness, key traits of the noosphere. Consistency is key. Better to focus on a few key practices in full consciousness than try to understand everything all at once. Step by step. This system is vast. It is recommended to also incorporate the reading of The Knowledge Book with daily codes (and/or IChing, Quran and other holy texts based on mathematics and poetry and according to your disposition).

“… This is the Path of Light of the Human Being. You either advance step by step with determination, or you remain where you are. Choice, for this reason, is most difficult. The first Exam to which all religious books subject You is the self-exam. This is your personal exam and an exam of your essence.  Universal dimensions are opened to you only after you succeed in this exam.”  The Knowledge Book/Mevlana p. 109.

Sample Basic Morning Practice for Kin 144

1. Natural Mind meditation. Dawn is best time to telepathically join our minds as one; and to merge energy with all those who are selflessly following a path of light both in this world and others. (Natural Mind Meditation)

2. Meditate on the kin of the day and daily affirmation. When saying the affirmation focus on the daily solar seal in its appropriate chakra. Remember that the affirmation is a 4D/5D vibrational code that is unlocked through your contemplation. Study the fifth force oracle and also note which of the 5 earth families the the daily kin is in. Note also the daily psi chrono unit and its subtle pulses of energy. (image showing earth families, human holon chakras and seal correspondences: http://lawoftime.org/images/planetholon-fam-chak.png) – see here for Psi Chrono Units.

3. Plug your chakra system into the Earth (planet holon). For example on Kin 144 you will hold the visualization of the Seed in your root chakra and plug into the appropriate zone on the planet holon. Pulse Light into this zone. Seed corresponds to galactic/karmic Jupiter and resides over Antarctica, southernmost South Pacific Ocean. It contains the treasure vaults of the secrets of Lemuria and Atlantis and the magnification of the flowering of galactic power. For more in depth practice on the planet holon, see 13:20 Planetary Geomancy.

4. Meditate on the daily radial plasma. Meditate on the affirmation and solar mantra. Kin 144 lands on Solar Moon 17. This corresponds with the third radial plasma: Gamma, located in third eye. Affirmation: “My lineage is the union of intrinsic awareness and the ultimate sphere, I attain the power of peace.” Solar mantra: HRAHA (for more in depth practice see Synchrogalactic Yoga).

5. Meditate on the daily postulate in the Dynamics of Time. Yellow Magnetic Seed = 4.1, in the Dynamics of Time: A planet body is a spirally materialized projection of a primal stellar mass. Therefore, the planet body participates holonomically in the same structure of process that characterizes the Galactic Brain. Download the Dynamics of Time here.

6. Also study the 28-day Telektonon circuit. (http://www.lawoftime.org/lawoftime/level2.html and See p. 41, Master Sychronic Code Book)

7. Synchronized Rainbow Bridge meditation every Silio day. 

During this 144 days, no matter how things may appear, vow to stay positive and help others as much as you can. If a negative thought enters, use it as a trigger to beam light. Or say “Light” to the thought and watch it dissolve. Write your own personal mission statement and read it every morning. If you are confused as to your mission, then start by helping someone else in whatever way you can. One thing leads to another.

47-1Visualize the New World. Healed. Beautiful. Flourishing. Loving. Magical. Creative. Abundant. Paint it. Draw it. Sing it. Write it. Purify your body. Release doubt. Work to artistically design and beautify your inner world and then outer world. Create your own code of conduct and positive thoughtforms. Apply the synchronic codes as your guide map.  We are the creators of the new Temple of the Ark.

144 Days = Eleven 13-day cycles + 1. 

.13 x 11 + 1 = 144.

This 144-day program begins on Kin 144 (Solar 17/ 23 March) which corresponds to Heptad Gate 3: Gate of the Mystery,  also coded by number 144. So we see the 288 again.

Kin 144 also marks the first year of the prophecy of Pacal Votan as discovered by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan in 1993 (see Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change).

Pacal Votan passed away in 683 AD.  6 x 8 x 3 = 144.  And of course this number is a fractal of 144,000 written about in Book of Revelations. 144 is the 12th Fibonacci number 12 x 12 = 144. (The 11th Fibonacci number is 89, the Kin of VV’s passing).


UnknownClick here to download a blank wavespell template that you can fill out.

Yellow Seed Wavespell 12: Power of Flowering. House of the Innocent One.  Kin 144-156. G/K Jupiter (23 March – April 4). This wavespell concludes the 52 day Blue Western Castle of Burning: Court of Magic

Red Earth Wavespell 13: Power of Navigation. House of the Magnetic Navigator. Kin 157-169. S/P Uranus (April 5-17). This wavespell begins the 52-day Yellow Southern Castle of Giving: Court of Intelligence

White Dog Wavespell 14: Power of Heart. House of the Magnetic Compassionate One. Kin 170-182. S/P Mercury (April 18-30)

Blue Night Wavespell 15: Power of Abundance. House of the Magnetic Dreamer. Kin 183-195. G/K Saturn (May 1-13)

Yellow Warrior Wavespell 16: Power of Intelligence. House of the Magnetic Pathfinder. Kin 196-208. S/P Saturn (May 14-26)

Red Moon Wavespell 17: Power of Universal Water. House of the Magnetic Healer. Kin 209-221. G/K Mercury (May 27 – June 8). This wavespell begins the 52-day cycle of the Green Central Castle of Enchantment: Court of Synchronization

White Wind Wavespell 18: Power of Spirit. House of the Magnetic Wind Spirit/High Priestess. Kin 222-234. G/K Uranus (June 9-21)

Blue Eagle Wavespell 19: Power of Vision. House of the Magnetic Seer. Kin 235-247. S/P Jupiter (June 22 – July 4)

Yellow Star Wavespell 20: Power of Elegance. House of the Magnetic Artist. Kin 248-260. G/K Venus (July 5-17)

Red Dragon Wavespell 1: Power of Birth. House of the Magnetic Primal Force. Kin 1-13. G/K Neptune (July 18-30). This wavespell begins the 52-day cycle of the Red Eastern Castle of Turning: Court of Birth

White Wizard Wavespell 2: Power of Timelessness. House of the Magnetic Wizards. Kin 14-26. S/P Maldek (July 31 – August 12)

The 144 days concludes on the second day of Blue Hand Wavespell 3: Yellow Lunar Star, Kin 28. House of the Magnetic Avatar.   Magnetic Accomplishment sealed by Lunar Elegance.  The New codes of Healing and Planetary Accomplishment are now set in motion. (see original Dreamspell for more info: http://www.lawoftime.org/timeshipearth/dreamspell.html


Talking-ToesIn the beginning

A new Being knows not it is being born

It simply ascends from where it is

Its nature IS the next step


Resourceful Time Beings

Regenerating light fragments of 

Yesterday’s learning and politely disregarding the rest 

So that when this world’s well-defined empires fall

And the lights go out on the linear hallways

And the curtains reveal



The new Beings will be found unconcerned–

in peaceful splendor

Strangely fixated on the unborn colors and sounds

With new shapes and forms dancing

On their inner screen

Hidden far insides their crystalline skulls

Where the new invisible radio frequencies take root

Receiving multiple transmissions  

renewing the art of architecture

Re-kindling nature’s NEW LIGHT


These are the ones from the beginning

–You know them–

Always held their sights on the secrets of the world

Never faltered

The Mystery was their call

And they would not give up until the Highest Dream

Was realized by All


Planetary Update from the Internal Realms

1.26. 8.5: Yellow Cosmic Seed, Kin 104–(fractal of Venus cycle 104,000 years)

What is happening on the planet?

It depends on which thinking layer you are tuned into.

I recently returned from a 26-day solitary retreat in the mountains. Being completely unplugged from all external input, I was contemplating the next stages of the galactic mission in relation to our current planetary process with its radiation, pollution, earth changes, economic collapse, war, etc.

Much focus is given to the external appearances but little to what is happening on the inner planes. Everyone is trying to “think” of solutions to our planetary predicament. But, ironically to find the solutions we have to collectively go beyond (human) thinking.  According to Aztec legends, Tetzatlipoca, god of death and destruction will rise to the fullness of his power and then will suddenly remove his jade mask and reveal his true nature: Quetzalcoatl God(dess) of Peace!

The interiorization of the evolutionary process is fast accelerating and the scales of light have been tipped–despite external appearances. Soon all will be made manifest.  Simultaneous to the apparent breakdown of institutions and artificial systems there is another story playing out — a beautiful story, a galactic fairy tale emerging …



Truly, it is in darkness that one finds the light, so when we are in sorrow, then this light is nearest of all to us.  – Meister Eckhart

images-1 copy 2During this retreat I contemplated deeply what it means that “everything is being remade in the light of the new sun.”

My awareness was directed to pray toward the sun. Then I heard a voice say: You don’t pray “to” the sun, you pray “through” the sun!  These words were the trigger! I felt a light switch go on and in that moment every single thing on the planet made complete sense. I saw it all as a holographic time release program projected from another world: a Light Universe. This is the knowledge of the Galactic Maya.

The real earth is hidden from itself in this world of matter. We live in the dense shadow world and generally cannot see the world of light. What we call occult is actually the world of light, which is not occult to itself. To the angels, our world is occult.

images-1 It is interesting to note that the sun’s recent magnetic flip was first announced on Kin 60: Yellow Galactic Sun, sign of Pacal Votan.  The key message?  “Turn your attention toward the Light!”  Our home planet is located in the Velatropa sector.  Vela means “light” and “tropa” means “to turn”—turning toward the LIGHT.

Pacal Votan is known as a solar initiate. The sunspot cycle that recently concluded, Solar Cycle 24, began in 1989, the same year as the discovery of the Law of Time by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. Everything is synchronically coded. 19 + 89 = 108. This codes the  GM108X–Galactic Mayan Mind Transmission. 

This discovery was followed a few years later by the decoding of the prophecy of Pacal Votan.The premise of this prophecy shows how we on earth  are the recipients of all the karmic errors and residues of the destroyed planets. Only through the LIGHT can we redeem and purify these errors which relate to  sex, death, materialism and false spirituality. In the Telektonon cosmology every 28-day cycle we consciously focus on clearing the karma of the abusive and abused powers on our planet.


“Purify, therefore, the temple, that the Lord of the temple may dwell therein and occupy a place that is worthy of him.” –Essene Gospel of Peace

The more you are free of conditionings, the sacred LIGHTS will show you the way.” Mevlana, The Knowledge Book

With the new incoming galactic beam initiated on Yellow Galactic Seed (July 26, 2013) there has been an acceleration of the release of LIGHT from matter. The new Galactic beam is being pulsed through the sun. When we are attuned, each pulse is an opportunity for us to open to new levels of perception and healing. Light is the ultimate healer.

Now is the time to prepare for what’s to come.  This new light is shaking up karmic debris at an accelerated rate within the planet body and within our physical bodies. We are now given the the greatest opportunity ever to unplug from the matrix of lower illusion and release and purify karmic toxins from, not just this lifetime, but all lifetimes. This is HUGE!

During this retreat I underwent an intense physical purification process where I could eat very little and experienced many cellular memories being released from my body (this is ongoing).  I had memories of the future when we eat only light. This is fantastic and not boring at all–because within the spectrum of light there are a great variety of flavor frequencies that feed different aspects of our being.

If you are currently experiencing physical pain or challenges don’t give up and think this is how you will always be. It is only temporary for your learning. Keep purifying and directing pure light to your body. At night when you go to sleep visualize the starry sky and feel that each star is pulsing the most brilliant healing light into each of your seven chakras bathing every fiber of your body with divine healing light.


Now is the time to make our body a receptacle to hold more light and generate more love. A clear body and a focussed mind can beam through all static in an instant.  In this state the air becomes clearer, the body spontaneously corrects itself and new energy circulates. This is how we Vibrate the New Earth into being. For genuine planetary healing to occur, this is the space that must be accessed by groups in order to arrive at clear and fresh solutions for the challenges that now face humanity. It must for once and for all be recognized that everything comes from mind and that GOD (Galactic Ordering Dynamic) is in control of everything.


hunabku_v12_1000x333 The 13 moon calendar and codes of the law of time serve as resonant activators for regenerating the new light within the planetary mind (the noosphere). These codes are vibrational conductors that help us reorient our mind, synchronize our physical being and attune our heart energy to the new incoming solar frequencies.

These solar frequencies code the electromagnetic fields of each of the planets with not just protons, electrons, etc, but also with electromagnetically coded symbolic structures of thought forms. These new codes and images are carried into our orbit through the sun’s rays.

images-3All of the work of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan has been to wake people up to the fact that our  evolution is a function of the Star–the Sun–Kinich Ahau. (See “The Coming Solar Age”, the last chapter of The Mayan Factor).The Mayan Factor tells how what we call sunspot cycles are pulsations of the minds of the solar masters, the ahau kin, fifth dimensional beings who dwell in the core of the sun.

celestial_mechanics_2012580x360-jpgwidth580height360The sun itself–Kinich Ahau– is controlled by Alcyone, the central sun of the Pleaides. And Alcyone is controlled by an even farther higher central sun, Sirius.

Our sun is a focalization lens for other star systems and is linked to all other suns. It receives its programs and energy from  Hunab Ku, the core or hub of the galaxy. There are UFOs that go in and out of the sun all of the time.

At the center of the sun is the solar galactic core dynamic program generator. Here information from other star systems is received and transduced. At this time the codes that control the light threshold spectrums are being amped up. These new gradations of light are then translated into the appearance of different lifeforms which explains dreams of new animals and new colors. The information is stepped down through the light rays and beamed to the planets. 

images-2As above so below.From the center of the sun to the center of the earth.

Within the crystal core of the earth is stored the holographic blueprint of the perfection of earth to be activated and called forth at the appointed hour. This blueprint is also contained within our bodies. When the image of the new earth “turns on” everyone everywhere will see the light simultaneously. Divine blueprints and original missions will be remembered in an instant.  Then the light will quickly disappear. Those who have been preparing will be able to retain the higher vision and their soul will be empowered to bring the vision to full manifestation. Others will turn away and try to forget or deny that it occurred.  Those who remember are charged with great responsibility for the great work of healing the planet.

images Unfold your wings of light, and in the eye of your thought, soar with the stars into the farthest reaches of heaven, where untold suns blaze with light.

For at the beginning of the times, the Holy Law said, let there be Light, and there was Light. And you shall be one with it, and the power of the Holy Light Stream will fill your whole body, and you will tremble before its might.” Essene Gospel of Peace

Who is Votan? Kin 62: White Planetary Wind. The tone of manifestation in the Prophecy wavespell.

“Votan is the master magician.”  —Madame Blavatsky–Crystal Magician

Votan is a time traveler; a current of energy, thought, information and intelligence that transmigrates from one world system to another.

Votan is the wisdom of the people and a universal archetype that symbolizes supreme solar consciousness. 


The magnetic reversal of the suns polarity was announced on Yellow Galactic Sun, Kin 60–birth sign of Pacal Votan: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/video-sun-has-flipped-upside-down-as-new-magnetic-cycle-begins-9029378.html

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Reclaiming the Rainbow Throne Kin 58, White Rhythmic Mirror (Clear sign of Pacal Votan)—Day of the Throne

Everything is being remade in the Light of the New Sun

Just as there is an outer sun, so there is an inner sun. When we find the inner sun, we reach the center: the Eternal Now. The whole point of any spiritual practice is to first reach the center, stabilize and then create.


The more conscious we become the more we realize that we are on the leading edge of a mutative evolutionary wave that is rushing us toward the central light or the inner sun where our true self is awaiting our return. Then comes a new stage of being.  —Book of the Timespace, CHC Vol. 5

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Interdimensional Travel and Flux Tubes Kin 57, Red Overtone Earth: Clear sign of Pacal Votan

Dedicated to the arrival of two new star beings: Aidan Orion Wyatt-Harding, Kin 13          and Vela(ur)iah Arctara O’Farrell-Javier, Kin 57


The synchronic codes left by Pacal Votan are keys that unlock the secret passageway and activate the bridge that leads from this Earth to the New Earth. This passageway brings us into   relationship with the guiding intelligence of our Sun, Kinich Ahau. But only those who discover their true essence will find the secret passageway.

On Kin 196 (32 days after Galactic Synchronization) I was informed through a dream visitation of Valum Votan that the “flux tubes had been repaired” and that  interdimensional travel was now more easily accessible. He said the veils were being lifted and that it was now much easier for him to travel to and from earth. He also said that at first, only a few will realize this due to the frequency locks placed on the artificial timespace hologram.

I understood that the flux tubes had been repaired by our collective LIGHT, which is an application of solar intelligence. However through continued use of artificial timing device we  cut ourselves off from the solar information embedded in Earth’s orbit (the solar ring).

Flux tubes are etheric energy vortexes that connect all planets in the solar system as one Conscious Cosmic Body. They are the lines of force that comprise our planetary chakra system. This system was disturbed with the destruction of Maldek and Mars and also with the artificial frequency emanating from Earth (see previous blogs).

A key purpose of the 13:20 timing frequency (accessed by 13 Moon/28 day calendar) is to help open the frequency locks and restore interplanetary knowledge and memory codes. Everything is coded.

Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge - Time-Magic

The opening of the flux tubes makes possible the manifestation of the circumpolar rainbow bridge. On the sun, the flux tubes are what eject the sunspots; and the pulsation of the sunspots create the activity of the aurora borealis and the aurora australis.

Repairing our Chakra system

In our 3D body,  we can understand this rupture of the flux tube system as ultimately the break in the flow of our chakra system.

When our chakras are not functioning properly in resonance with the chakras of the Earth then comes a diminishing of our spiritual power and a sense of helplessness.

With the reparation of the flux tube system comes the lifting of the veil between life and death.

The Dynamics of Time states:

Through celestial harmonics the flux tubes, which were made dysfunctional and became unconscious, may be re-established and utilized for synchronic interplanetary rearrangement programs dependent upon the completion of the circumpolar rainbow bridge experiment.”   DOT 7.12.

This is a key clue to the next 7 years (2013-2020): Opening the 7 Light Gates and building the rainbow from the ground up, which will be further elucidated in forthcoming blogs.

In order to realize the opportunity of these newly opened flux tubes requires the telepathic engagement of our mind with the electromagnetic field of the Sun. Our task is to repair our own internal flux tube system, align it with the earth and vibrate ourselves into the rainbow.

To anchor galactic culture on earth means to stabilize the new hologram of Light.  This is a universal hologram being transmitted to our planet through the new galactic beam. This is a beam of synthesis.

The Galactic Mayan path (GM108X) is the synthesis of all paths opening the galactic umbrella that unifies all teachings. GM108X is the divine magnet of solar consciousness that raises all existing lineages into the Light of the New Sun.