Solar Magician’s Spell Blue Solar Monkey

In honor of the 76th Solar return of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan, we offer a poem written by him.

I offer praise
To this day
As sacred and holy as every other day
And like every other day
The center
Through which the universe threads itself anew

and I pray
that the goodness accumulated by beings everywhere
might continue to gather
and that soon
even this very day
the flood-gates of this universal goodness
might burst upon this world

I pray
that my eyes
and all of my senses
might open ever wider
to the wizardry of every day earth
the dewdrop sheen of rainbow light unnoticed
on the drooping leaf

and I pray
that the magic that dissolves
the multiple appearances of things
into a luminous oneness
might burst like a flame in the deepest
most broken recesses of my heart
releasing a song of unutterable joy

I pray
that in the presence of all worldly things
I might stand nameless
a child of illusion
so that in all things
the circle of perfection might reveal itself
as the mirror of all-conquering emptiness
and most fervently I pray
that the great magicians
Merlin entombed in the Hawthorn Tower
Pacal Votan sealed in the Ninth Vault of the Holy Night
with their train of harmonic sorcerers
might suddenly return
appearing at first
from earths resonant core
as vibrating filaments of crystal light
upon civilization’s
dark and crumbling wall

and I pray
that from that ghost-light manifestation
beheld by innocence
as truth itself
the sorcerer powers might spread
like angel flame
through warrior hearts
causing all those Lords and Ladies of the Cosmic Court
to awaken again
to their power
in time
to bless this planet
with the awesome splendor
of their tender might

by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan, Kin 11: Blue Spectral Monkey


Valum Votan in Temple 13: Tomb of Red Queen, Palenque, Mexico, 2009. photo by Kin 185

Venus, Synchronicity, and Galactic Consciousness

Some people ask: What is galactic consciousness and how is it applicable to my day-to- day reality? What good are time codes when I am working a 9-5 job and raising a family?

Just recognizing that time is the invisible foundation that our lives our woven through is the first step. We have to start where we are.  Our quality of experience is in accordance to the frequency we are tuned to at any given moment. Time codes are a gift and tool that allows us to daily experience the hidden connections that bind all reality into One. blue-storm-restructuring-1 If you are really new this, you can begin by directing your attention to the simplest cycles of nature:  Night and Day. In breath, out breath. Lunar, Solar. Masculine, feminine. The law of alternation. Night is receptive (in breath-feminine-Moon); day is active (out breath-masculine-sun).

If you think that numbers are complicated or have a math block,  I can relate. Math was my worst subject at school and I barely passed. However, once I began studying the Law of Time, my perceptions changed and I began to experience numbers as frequencies that trigger Memory codes. When we learn how to read the numbers then we began to understand the synchronic matrix that tunes us into higher levels of consciousness (which are all different facets of our being).images-10

Galactic Consciousness

Some people feel the term galactic consciousness is far out or not based in reality. But in actuality to acquire galactic/cosmic perception requires us to be fully human; to take account of and bring into balance all facets of our being.  We are a microcosm of the planet, the solar system, the galaxy, the cosmos and all the multiverses, ad infinitum. Everything is fractal. Everything  is connected to everything else.

Galactic refers to galaxy. The galaxy is continuously creating and transforming itself (like we are). Its future is always returning to itself through the past (zuvuya principle). It is without beginning or end. Its ability to create itself from itself is the Great Mystery. The time codes are frequencies that tune us into galactic consciousness.

The Maya describe the galaxy and its center as Hunab Ku, meaning One Giver of Movement and Measure. At the center of the galaxy is a  black hole. Black holes are also interdimensional portals. The black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy, though called a supergiant, is actually relatively small in the cosmic scheme of things, about the size of the distance between the Earth and the Sun: approximately a 93 million mile radius.

Recently this black hole emitted the largest x-ray flare ever seen in that region (since we have had instruments to gauge it). This event was reported by NASA’s Chandra X-ray to be 400 times brighter than the normal level of radiation from this region and nearly three times brighter than previous largest flare in 2012. 643986main_h-642-pulloutA_665 It is a sign of the acceleration of galactic consciousness. Until recently, the galactic quality of consciousness has been dormant. Now it is awakening  through a new galactic renaissance that is beginning to take root on our planet.

Upcoming Venus Cycles

In a previous blog, we discussed goddess Inanna and her relation with Venus as the morning and evening star We know that Venus was very important to the Maya and is often associated with Quetzalcoatl.

My attention recently became absorbed with Venus when I realized she will disappear from the night sky on Magnetic 21 (8-15, 2015).  This day will be Self Existing Wizard, Kin 134 in the Planetary Wizard Year. But what really captured my attention is that this day marks ONE YEAR from the beginning of the 812-days of Solar Consciousness, which began on Kin 29 of the Red Solar Moon year (2014).   

The following day, Magnetic 22 (8-16, 2015), marks the 28th anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence which concluded the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl in 1987. 29 x 28 = 812. For further background please see 812-day blog: venus-ic-15

On the 13 Moon calendar, Venus signifies beauty and magic and is overseen by the  archetypes of the Artist and Magician.  Venus is the brightest object in the night sky and shares a unique relationship with our Sun, Kinich ahau, and is rarely more than 60 degrees away from it (from the Earths perspective). Venus is visible as morning star for approximately 260 days: One Tzolkin spin. Tzolkin or harmonic module is a galactic code (see The Mayan Factor by Jose Arguelles). tzolkin-bigA Venus cycle begins with a morningstar appearance, which happens once every 584 days. So every 584 days, Venus rotates upon its axis five times relative to the Sun. In other words, a Venusian day (as measured from solar noon to noon) lasts for nearly 117 Earth-days (584/5 = 116.8). And the next Venus transit will occur in 2117. Five Venus cycles of 584 days equals eight earth years as known by the Maya. (5 x 584 = 8 x 365).


Venus traces a five-pointed star around the ecliptic every 8 years. Thirteen of these 8-year cycles is known as a Venus round. 13 x 8 = 104. 104 = 52 x 2.

It takes Venus 243 days to turn once on its axis. It is the only planet to turn counterclockwise. The code for Earth is known as Velatropa 24.3 and Kin 243 is Solar Night, sign of VV.

Venus goes retrograde on the Day out of Time July 25, 2015,  Kin 113. This cycle lasts approximately 40 days through Planetary Skywalker (the Day out of Time in 2003).  It is interesting to note that there are also 40 days between the (63rd anniversary) discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan June 15, 2015 (Kin 73) and the Day out of Time, Kin 113/July 25.  Those 40 days hold significance that will be revealed the closer we get to the date.

`”The synchronic order is the telepathic wiring of the fourth-dimensional mind. Navigating it with clarity is all-important. Through our activation by these codes, we are receiving a new perception of reality showing that we are players in a Plan of enormous scope and multidimensional possibilities. In order to make the most of the daily synchronic order code practices, it is highly recommended that you first begin by doing a session of natural mind mediation … Once you have cleared your mind, you will see with fresh eyes the wonders that await you.”  –Valum Votan, Rinri newsletter III Vol. 1, no. 3 clip_image002



Galactic Ezine–New Beam Edition: Crystal Star, Yellow Crystal Star, Kin 168 (Gregorian New Year 2015). 140/812 cycle.

I dedicate in order to beautify

Universalizing Art

I seal the store of elegance

With the crystal tone of cooperation

I a guided by the power of universal fire

I am a galactic activation portal, enter me.

In honor of Universalizing Art of the Galactic Renaissance we offer a new Galactic Ezine with hopes of inspiring YOU to find or amplify your creative channel in whatever form. (click on graphic cover to enter).

To see previous Ezine edition zero:

The Galactic Times: An Illusory eZine from Other Worlds


Join us in L.A. Spectral Moon 20-23 (May 21-24) 2015 :) to explore and envision Galactic Culture on Earth!


Gregorian New Year and 13 Moon New Year

In  light of Gregorian New Year, here is an excerpt from Natural Time… by Lisa Star, Overtone Storm explaining the New Year (This is a  brilliant introduction to the law of time from a feminine perspective and highly recommended).

Unknown-2From Natural Time A Guidebook to the Mayan Calendars by Lisa Star:

” The Maya began their year count from a place in our ellipsis around the sun, rather than a time called summer or July. They saw particularly poignant alignment and celebrated this view as a special homecoming within the larger spiral of our earth’s orbit. Conversely, the Gregorian New Year was not chosen based on a consideration of the movement or interrelationship of the stars.

January 1 is aligned in some respects with Winter Solstice, the moment when in the Northern Hemisphere we are tilted at our farthest point from direct sunlight and are characteristically cold, dark in days and temperament. We know that bureaucratic shifts in Roman antiquity reoriented the New Year from spring bloom into the sleepier heights of winter, and that as a result we begin our annual cycle in the climate of stopped growth, dormancy and scarce resources.

While New Year’s on the Gregorian calendar seems to have no astronomical significance, it holds an intriguing opposition to an inaugural day of the (13 Moon) calendar. On New Year’s Eve at  midnight Sirius crests in the south. In other words, it looms very low to the southern horizon line of our nightscape, a reversal of its eastern rising in July. The celebration of the turn of the years was originally pinpointed not by clocks but this recognizable sighting of Sirius at the sky’s periphery. So the Natural Time new year is interwoven with the Gregorian calendar in paying homage to the Dog Star.

Sirius’ position in the sky on midnight of December 31 is an opposition to its sunrise ascension on July 26, and so when we move into harmony with the Natural Time calendar’s new year, we polarize from our current Gregorian count. Maybe this will bring needed relief. In the Northern Hemisphere, the new year is aligned with the depths of winter, a picture of starting from the harshest conditions of scarcity, cold and dark. The cycle itself has the mythology of beginning and ending with nothing.

The Natural Time year teaches us to renew our year in a summer climate of full harvest, bounty and joyous warmth. For the Egyptian, the Dog Days brought a flood of the Nile and watered their crops for easy, abundant growth. Throughout the Northern Hemisphere, the rise of Sirius on July 26 refreshes a new solar cycle from the sense o fullness and ease, circling through the lower yields and temperatures of winter and back through spring into summer’s affluence. It’s a different psycho-spriitual departure point to begin and end a calendar count in the horn of plenty, not paucity.” To order Natural Time:


Electric Update: We are the Galactic Seeds

The pathway followed by humanity of the surface of the Earth has led it to become so strongly identified with the outer side of life that its contact with subtle worlds and with the hidden symbols in the material existence has practically disappeared.  –Trigueirino

We are on a journey through ascending degrees of expanded consciousness. We are the Galactic Seeds of the New Cycle. New seeds first germinate in darkness under the soil before blooming into the fragrance of the new flowers.


More than two years has now passed since the closing of the cycle. And now two spins has past since the opening of the New Cycle. Where are we now? How has your life changed? How has the planet changed? How are you feeling in this moment?

Many who have been following this path for several years are asking: What’s next? Some are confused. Some are inspired. Some are discouraged. Some are looking forward. Some are looking backward. This message is in response to recent communications and concerns.  Being the representative of the Galactic Mayan mind lineage and successor to Valum Votan I feel it is important at this time to give a clarified update.

The first clarification is that obviously I am a woman, not a man.  My way is different than what came before. 10400869_10152172884531058_5171070690588438431_nThe name “Red Queen” is not indicating Queen in the conventional sense. It does not signify a hierarchy or a rulership. Not at all. It is a CODE  and time release program, a terma, symbolized by number 13 ( forthcoming blog).

My responsibility to this Mission is to carry on the new galactic time knowledge and to assist those on the path who request it. This is an evolving process because we are in a time of rapid transformation on multiple levels. Lifetimes are lived in a day. Cosmic History is my path. I am here to model the new teachings, to be a light, to be an inspiration and to spread the new knowledge as widely as possible. I am not here to reenact the past. I am not here to convince anyone of anything. I offer what I have been given and offer my vibration to the collective, in love and in joy.

We are on the Return Journey into the Collective Present Moment where Divine Magic awaits.


“You simply have to turn your back on a culture that has gone sterile and dead and get with the program of a living world and the imagination.”
- Terence McKenna, Kin 2: White Lunar Wind.

Some people are disappointed that I am not doing things in the way that they perceived Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan would do them.  During my nine years of traveling and living with Valum Votan he kept many journals regarding the unfolding of the apprenticeship. He writes:  “Her life mission though springing from mine, will take her on a far different path and trajectory, for it is she who must lead the return of the people of OMA across the bridge of time. Hers is the way of purification, magic and imagination (OMA described as psychic transdimensional progeny). ”

New Knowledge

Accessing new knowledge is dependent on releasing old identity, habits and belief systems. Only then can we find the secret keys, access hidden gates and enter the realm of the living Earth, solar system, galaxy and dimensions. What evolves is the uncovering of the instructions which are learned and embodied as a new galactic language. Every discipline has its own language.

We are all assigned a unique Mission, a different Life Station. Here are instructions that I have received to share:

“Stay in the station assigned to you. It is a blessing. Do not forsake a blessing when it has been granted to you and return to lower states of mind or behavior. Remember a station is just a place along the way, do not be arrogant about what you have attained but act and exert in the way appropriate to the soul ascension. When you have been assigned a station: do not abandon it. It is your duty to remain and evolve. Once you are born, you cannot return to being a fetus in the womb, such is your appointment to the station of the ark.”

I,  and many others,  are a living testimony to the power of the CODES OF TIME. Working with this information changes perceptions of self and the world entirely. It opens one up to vast experiences of other realms that are unfathomable to ordinary conditioned mind.  These are not just “codes” but a whole way of BEING AND CONSCIOUSNESS that effects day-to-day living.

We are just beginning …

A Matter of Time

December 10, 2014, Electric Worldbridger, marked the 25th anniversary of the discovery of the Law of Time (see previous blog, Discovery of the Law of Time)  This was a groundbreaking discovery with implications toward all facets of human life.

Synchronically, on this day I was grocery shopping and noted there was one copy of Scientific American near the check-out. It was a special collector’s edition with the title: A Matter of Time. It begins, it ends, it’s real, it’s an illusion. It’s the ultimate paradox.4919E7FB-9D06-4032-862D506D59CE512E_cover

I read the introduction: What Time Is It? The Chronic Complaint, and was struck by the line: “Even in principle, perfect synchronicity escapes us.”

Interesting to contemplate in light of the Law of Time.

Reclaiming our TIME

People talk about positive timelines. But Time is not a line. We are expanding our linear mind into radial consciousness where all “timelines” exist simultaneously in the ocean of radial consciousness. All time “lines” are emanated from a spiraling central SOURCE. To know the central Source requires resolving all internal duality (dark/light) into one stream.

We struggle with ourselves because we are not being honest with who we truly are and what gives us joy. We base our lives on obligations and trying to live up to the expectations of others (whether from our family, friends or society) and many never find their true passion in life. We evaluate our successes and failures based on models of the past.  This too is a function of TIME.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” Jiddu Krishnamurti

Galactic Education and Galactic Renaissance

We are currently working to create a new educational curriculum; evolving and universalizing Cosmic History in light of the new galactic beam, and taking into account all facets of human existence. All are invited to  collaborate in anchoring galactic culture on Earth, envisioned as a Galactic Renaissance.

Renaissance means re-birth. The first European renaissance was a cultural movement that saw revolutions in all forms of human endeavor, from the arts, to science, to mathematics, philosophy, literature and religion.

As I was writing this a FANTASTIC example came through from RuBen Kin 113 (head of the Banner of Peace Committee for FLT) and Jannis, Kin 189 (FLT Galactic Liasion-Germany). This is a VAST WORK that took much contemplation and cooperation and deserves careful study. It is a supreme example of how to work with this information. Thank you Solar Skywalker and Resonant Moon!)

Galactic  Renaissance IS the Revolution of Time in action.

As each of us begins to find and express our own unique channel, then sooner than later we will break out of this confining artificial cocoon and become glorious galactic butterflies soaring in a new atmosphere.

When we are aligned with the New Beam, there is no past to return to. There is nothing to defend. There is no image to maintain. There is no one to compete with.


The past is over
A new spell is cast
In light of the New Sun
Divine Romance at last

In Lak’ech


At tomb of Red Queen on Kin 189: Red Resonant Moon, Jan. 29, 2010


Antares, Virgin Galactic, Art Planet and GM108X

images-8Today, Yellow Self Existing Star: Kin 108 is a key code to the Galactic Mayan Mind transmission. It is also the Day of the Dead in Mexico and the 80th day of the 812 day cycle of solar consciousness. Kin 80 is one of 13 clear signs on the tomb lid of Pacal Votan.

The purpose of the GM108X mind transmission is to introduce a new knowledge base to this planet. This knowledge base simultaneously unifies and synthesizes all previous knowledge and true traditions through the fourth-dimensional lens of the Galactic Mayan mind lineage.

The GM108X mind transmission, the prophecy of Pacal Votan and the science of the Law of Time are inseparable.

In light of the GM108X, what do the current Spaceship crashes mean?

Antares rocket explosion, Blue Crystal Night (October 28, 2014) photo Jay Diem AP

We of Antares had long since dealt with cycles of perishability, and so for us death is virtually non-existent, at least death as the conclusion or ending of something.  Things don’t end.  They recycle, transmute, become something else. The Arcturus Probe/Jose Arguelles

Orbital Science’s Antares Rocket exploded on Kin 103: Blue Crystal Night (October 28, 2014). Three days later, Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship Two crashed on Kin 106: White Lunar Worldbridger (October 31, 2014).


Virgin Galactic SpaceshipTwo explosion on Lunar Worldbridger (October 31, 2014)

What is the symbolic meaning of these two events?

In light of the Telektonon prophecy, the first crash occurred on  Crystal Night which corresponds to planet Saturn and overcoming greed and materialism. Orbital Science holds a $1.9 billion contract with NASA to fly eight robotic missions to the International Space Station using Cygnus and Antares. (Cygnus, an Antares spacecraft was first launched on White Planetary Mirror, Kin 218: September 18, 2013 as mentioned in previous blog)

The second crash occurred on Lunar Worldbridger corresponding to planet Mars, key to overcoming Death fear.  Lunar Worldbridger is also one of the 13 clear signs on the tomb lid of Pacal Votan, and the only sign in the northern direction.

Lunar Worldbridger is also the second chamber (SpaceShipTwo)  in the Serpent wave spell representing the challenge of death. Serpent corresponds to Maldek, sex taboo and Paradise Lost.

9 - Serpent

It is interesting to contemplate the Maldek-Mars replay in light of the shattered tail section of SpaceShipTwo laying in pieces nearby with the word ‘Virgin’ visible on the torn metal. This space craft cost nearly 500 million to develop and Virgin Galactic already had several people including many celebrities including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber reserves their  $250,000 seat in hopes for a trip to space by next “October”.

What are we seeking in outer space?  How can we understand outer space if we do not understand inner space?

On the same day as the SpaceShipTwo crash (which was also Samhain-Halloween),  an interesting article was published in the Daily Mail regarding the existence of parallel universes:

Spaceships Crash as Timeship Launches 

Could the message of these two crashes be signaling us to turn our attention from outer space to inner space? Or rather to turn our attention away from third-dimensional space in order to tune into fourth-dimensional time?

Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan first put forth the understanding that planet earth is not a spaceship, but a timeship, or a fourth-dimensional vehicle coded with all the laws of cosmic time. As this vehicle moves in time, it releases different levels of information according to a universal set of time-release programs.

At this point, events are unfolding at such a rapid rate that it is impossible to keep up in 3D, let alone articulate.  We are in unprecedented territory with too much information to process. As this stage climaxes (biosphere-noosphere transition) we are being phased into telepathic civilization, as foresaw in Jose Arguelles’ 1981 work Art Planet Chronicles: the Making of the Fifth Ring. 

Origin of GM108X on Earth

In Art Planet Chronicles, Arguelles describes a futuristic parallel universe where telepathy is the norm and where ART is more powerful than mechanistic technology. While writing this book the parallel 108X stream was first revealed to him.


painting by Jose Arguelles 1968.  PAN was envisioned as a global network of artists who would join forces to create positive planetary transformation. The principle purpose of PAN was the realization of the whole Earth as a work of art.

 In Velatropa far away
 Though devoid of mind’s full sway
 In measured form with rhythmic heart
 All that’s done is done as art!
—José Arguelles, Art Planet Chronicles

Art Planet Chronicles involves the struggle for supremacy of the world between the artists organized as the Planet Art Network (PAN) and the Syndicate for Material Evolution. He foresaw that the times were going to get worse and what would save the planet was a Planet Art Network (PAN). 

The idea for the book came from Jose’s meetings with his friend John Steinbeck, Jr (son of the famous writer). John told him: “Listen, José, stop all this abstract theorizing. Make it real. All this talk about art and the planet—why don’t you write a novel about an art planet?”

Art Planet Chronicles marked the first time that José experienced clairaudience. He identified the voices as coming from Arcturus. At this point the code of his mission was revealed as 108X, the name of this sector of the galaxy (Velatropa), and our Sun’s designation, Velatropa 24 (V.24) with Earth coded as V.24.3. (Note todays Synchronotron Kin equivalent is kin 243)

The idea of artists around the planet telepathically engaged in transforming the industrial age environment into a massive global-scale artwork is at the root of his vision of the PAN. Through this unprecedented labor, the Earth and its human society could be turned into a cosmic art-whole. The Banner of Peace was the symbol for unifying artists on a planetary scale.images-2

The book describes PAN as a victorious band of telepathic artists who conquer the world by their superior science of harmony. This comes about through a skillful understanding of the planet as a resonant field and the consequent triggering of Earth’s rings.


Just as the atomic bomb was created from the equation, E = mc2, so is the Earths rainbow  rings created from the equation  T (E) = Art (Energy factored by time is art).

Art Planet Chronicles  is now available for the first time in paperback!!


book-art-planet-chroniclesNOW AVAILABLE FROM LAW OF TIME PRESS, previously unpublished and radically visionary book by José Argüelles, The Art Planet Chronicles: The Making of the Fifth Ring.

Once upon a space-time vector, so it has been told, far beyond the fair Arcturian skies, in the distant galactic cloud, called by the wise, Velatropa, there was a stellar unit, Velatropa 24, which produced a planet, Velatropa 24.3 (also known as Earth). Now renown for its brilliant system of rings, trans-galactic travelers often ask: “how did Velatropa 24.3 get its rings?”