Planetary Wizard

Kin 129: Red Crystal Moon, Planetary Wizard year

The post-historic Galactic Beam is in full acceleration as we make our way through this initial 1414-day portal from December 21, 2012, Kin 207 to November 4, 2016, Kin 60.

Energies are being amplified. This Galactic Beam is a high energy plasma frequency beam initiated on July 26, 2013: Yellow Galactic Seed (see previous blogs).

This new energy is beyond the stars that we know by name. The new dimensions that we are entering into cannot be detected by a telescope. The thought frequencies cannot be mind-controlled or measured by any man-made devices.

DNA-Awakening-2012-234x300Many of us are sensing that there is something arriving with this Beam that is beyond our current knowledge and vocabulary with all of its conditioned associations.

What is true? What is real? And how can we know for sure?

Start from your current direct experience.

If you feel overwhelmed by all the information, thoughts and emotions that you are encountering, then smile and return your Mind to the ONE, CENTRAL SOURCE.  This intensified incoming plasmic energy is shaking up core debris as we are being called to let go of resistance and allow our channels to open so energy can flow freely through us in a more fluid manner than we have previously known.

Binary_Pulsar_StillThe beam passes through our sun which focalizes its holographic radio program  through the sunspot cycles. On the sun, the flux (or plasma) tubes eject the sun spots; and the pulsation of the sunspots create the activity of the aurora borealis and the aurora australis. This is key to the rainbow bridge experiment. These tubes, that exist in the inner layers of Earths magnetosphere, have recently began to appear in the mainstream media. Giant plasma tubes spotted circling Earth filled with sun charged particles | Daily Mail Online

Thought Index: From an Army of Super Soldiers to a Collective of Super-Love Avatars

In any given moment there are an index of thoughts to select from. Go for the thought that refreshes you. The thought that relieves you. The thought that comforts you. The thought that makes you feel whole.  We do not need to cling to the past or thoughts that make us feel bad. Dzogchen is a good practice to assist us in learning to direct our mind.

Dzogchen is the highest and simplest Tibetan Buddhist meditation where we practice allowing thoughts to self-liberate by relaxing the mind into its natural state.  Every moment is a new opportunity to release and let go into the clarity of our own mind.


Shifting Perception

We perceive according to which multiple track recording is currently playing in our mind. This is always fluctuating. We refer to these recordings as “thinking layers.”

For example, if you encounter an unfamiliar being (in a dream, meditation or real life), you will perceive it (or attract it) according to the thinking layer you are attuned to.  Some may say it is an alien. Some may say it is an angel. Some may say an ascended master. Some may say it is a demon.


All is mind-generated. There is no one “out there,” it is all “in here.” The Mayan term In Lak’ech, I am another yourself, applies throughout the solar system, universe and all dimensions. YOU are all beings, everything.

Which one is true? All and none according to your perception.

Our job is to learn how to hold and understand all the recordings simultaneously and not to get lost on one groove or play a skipped record.

We want to become skilled at navigating and switching thinking layers at will, this is a key component of the teachings of the Law of Time.

But these are just words. Direct experience is the only way to know.

Emotional Clearing

The number one cause of not being able to access higher states is blockages within our emotional bodies.

Our internal record can skip on past events, playing out the same scenes or stories over and over. When this happens we tend to want to blame others and there is a feeling that our life has always been this way and it will always be like this. In this thinking layer we can feel powerless and at the mercy of what we perceive as a threatening  world that is out to harm us. This feeling of powerlessness can lead to anger, frustration and fear. If this occurs we can ask new questions to help reorient our minds, such as:   What is the blessing? What is right about this situation? What is my lesson?

Only when there is nothing left to defend and no one that we are trying to “be” does new knowledge enter.

In the world we live in it is easier to spend more time on secondhand information than our own direct experience.. We are here to break the mold. We were not born to follow the masses. Direct perception of our true essence is the only thing that will satisfy us.

The  Event

  “The heightened consciousness of the effect of the Event will open our eyes and  perceptions to the grand and majestic order that enslavement to the third-dimensinonal world of illusion kept us from.” – Valum Votan, 20 Tablets of the Law of Time

In this regard the “event” is a trigger mechanism catapulting us into the present moment; a place where we have not yet been as a collective. We do not wish for this to occur in a shocking or violent way, this is why we continue the Work.

Commit to yourself. All of your experiences are meaningful. You are far more fascinating that any personality you could read about in the news!  The beauty of the synchronic order is that it helps us to see the deeper meaning and connections behind apparent life circumstances.

We were all made with equal potential. Will everyone utilize this knowledge? It doesn’t matter. WHAT MATTERS IS YOU!  You have to decide that you WANT TO KNOW the TRUTH. Then make a REQUEST to the MASTER MIND that you really WANT TO KNOW directly WHAT IS GOING ON!   When we really want to know, things are revealed.  This is why listening in silence (meditation) is so important.

In reality there can be no intermediaries between us and our truth essence. There are only pointers. But the work is up to us.

This is the true feminine cycle. The bodhisattvic way. We are working on behalf of the happiness and upliftment of ALL. The Galactic Federation comes in peace.


(For those into the numbers keep reading. If not stop here :).


A few numerical notes on the 812-days to Solar Consciousness (see previous blog).

This cycle began on Kin 29, August 15, 2014 and runs through Kin 60, November 4, 2016.

812 = 29 Moons (of 28 days each). 29 x 28 = 812.

The concluding date is precisely 1414 days from 12-21-2012. 14 + 14 = 28. 14 x 14 = 196, key Bode number of Uranus. This cycle completes in 2016, which reduces to Kin 196.  To find the kin equivalent of any number keep subtracting 260 until you get a number under that. 

This number 1414 reduces to a kin equivalent 114, White Planetary Wizard.  If we rearrange these numbers we have 1144, the cycle of the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl that concluded on August 16, 1987, Harmonic Convergence.

This cycle began 602 days after 12-21-2012, Kin 207. Pacal Votan was born in 603 A.D.

The midpoint of this cycle is Kin 175, Blue Rhythmic Eagle, September 25, 2015, three days before the final lunar eclipse of the tetrad “blood moon.”  This day marks 58 weeks from the beginning of this 812-day cycle. It is also precisely 144 weeks from our time marker 12-21-2012.

There are 113 weeks from the inauguration of the New Beam on July 26, 2013, Kin 164,  until September 25, 2015. Kin 113 was our day out of time this year. 113 weeks is 791 days, key to the galactic spiral density waves.

psi chrono Kin 11 — 1600 days since VV-89…


Opening the Blue Castle of Magic

On Cosmic Moon 21 (July 17) we enter into the Blue Western Castle of Burning: Court of Magic.

A Castle is a cycle of 52 days. We cycle through 5 castles every 260 days. The Castles represent a series of cycles within cycles, smaller vortices turning within larger ones.

All of these turnings generate different energies that we call “time.” The castles are stargates that enter us into cosmic energies understood through the mythic realm.

.Here are some guidelines to create a ceremony/meditation to open the Blue Western Castle: Court of Magic. It is best to perform this in nature, but anywhere will work.First orient yourself to the directions.

Red is East. East is always the first direction, because it is the place of orientation. On this planet orientation is determined by our relation to sunrise.

White is North. North is the place of darkness and night and represents the place of wisdom. Whatever has been awakened in the East must be secluded to grow.

Blue is West. West is the place of transformation, the place where the sun goes down.

Yellow is South. South is the place of fulfillment and enjoyment or ripening. It is the place close to the Sun. Here the ground is prepared for a return to the East and the start of the new cycle.

Green is Center. This represents the galactic Source,  the place of empowerment, which is within and everywhere at once. A crystal or other sacred item can be placed at the center to hold the energy.

Take a few moments of natural mind meditation to clear. Note there are four gates that open the Blue Castle: the Serpent gate (East), the Mirror gate (North), the Monkey gate (West) and the Seed gate (South).

Opening the Blue Western Castle of Magic
1. Face East

Give thanks to the Serpent guardian for initiating you on this cosmic journey. Then say:

Serpent! Guardian of the East! Open the Red Magnetic Gate of New Lifeforce for all!

May the Red Being of Time awaken and restore our power of Instinct and regenerate us with powerful new life-force! I am the light of life-force, I am the life-force of Light!

2. Face North

Give thanks to the Mirror for refining us on this cosmic journey. Now say:

Mirror! Guardian of the North! Open the White Magnetic Gate of Endlessness! 

May the White Being of Time awaken and restore our power of endlessness and return us to the original reflection of our True Essence! I am the light of endlessness, I am the endlessness of light!

3. Face West

Give thanks to the Monkey/Magician for transforming us on this cosmic journey. Then say:
Monkey! Guardian of the West! Open the Blue Magnetic Gate of Divine Magic for all!

May the Blue Being of Time awaken and restore our power of Magic and Play. I am the light of magic, I am the magic of light.

4. Face South

Give thanks to the Seed/Innocent for ripening us on this cosmic journey. Then say:

Seed! Guardian of the South! Open the Yellow Magnetic Gate of Divine Awareness for all!
May the Yellow Being of Time awaken and restore our power of Innocence and Awareness. I am the light of awareness, I am the awareness of light!

5. Now focus on the Center. You are the fifth force at the center. Radiate a red beam to the east, a white beam to the north, a blue beam to the west and a yellow beam to the south. Turn 5 times counterclockwise.

Say: From the Center Galactic Source which is everywhere at once, may everything be known as the light of mutual love. Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya Ema Ho” x 3

The Magic Castle has now been opened and activated! Enjoy your journey!



Note: This is the third castle of five that occur every 260 days. The first castle of this round began on Kin 1 (April 4, 2015) which also coincided with the third of the four blood moon lunar eclipses.

The following kin are the magnetic stargates that open to the five magic castles:
Kin 1: Red Magnetic Dragon opens the Red Eastern Castle of Turning: Court of Birth.

Kin 53: Red Magnetic Skywalker opens the White Northern Castle of Crossing: Court of Death (to what no longer serves)

Kin 105: Red Magnetic Serpent opens to the Blue Western Castle of Burning: Court of Magic.

Kin 157: Red Magnetic Earth opens to the Yellow Southern Castle of Giving: Court of Intelligence

Kin 209: Red Magnetic Moon opens to the Green Central Castle of Enchantment: Court of Synchronicity


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Each person lives according to his/her own code system whether they are aware of it or not. The codes of the synchronic order help equip us with a powerful new lens to perceive reality, but it is YOU who determine the meaning of these codes.

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CERN, Synchronotron and Telepathic Technology Kin 73, Red Galactic Skywalker, 63-year anniversary of the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan.

The moment has come when the rationally unthinkable may be the only solution remaining in order to allow safe passage beyond the treacherous onslaught of nuclear militarism and environmental poisoning which now threatens the existence of the planet.  –Jose Arguelles, The Mayan Factor, Path Beyond Technology

There are so many time-streams playing out on our planet today, it can be quite difficult to track them all.

How do we make sense of it all as we enter further into the techno-dimensional realm where genetics, robotics, drones, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, nanotechnology and transhumanism migrate from the realm of science fiction to present day reality?

Many of today’s movies, music and artforms are reflecting the merging of human and machine. It is beyond a science fiction novel to consider uploading a soul from one avatar into another body, or to consider that by 2020 there are plans to have cybernetic armies wired to battlefield matrices.

What is going on? How do we fit all the puzzle pieces of our rapidly transforming world together and keep ourselves balanced in the process? It is up to each of us to resolve this schism and to put the puzzle pieces together accordingly.

Since everything ultimately comes from mind, our becoming conscious of world events actually effects the outcome.

Each world leader, whether in corporations, banks, governments, institutions, priesthood, etc. is an actor playing a role of a script set in motion long ago. As we are moving into the consciousness of non-duality, it must be understood that there is an Absolute level and a relative level of awareness. At the relative level we must use discernment, especially in these turbulent (yet exciting) times.

This post merely offers clues, but it is up to each one of us to connect the dots of what resonates within our own being.

1952: Two Streams

In 1952 the tomb of Pacal Votan was opened, releasing and revealing prophecy. This significant time-release event opened a hidden gate that would later be revealed as  the path of the synchronic order, unveiling an entirely new galactic knowledge base.

In this same year CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research ) was formed in Geneva Switzerland and would later build the biggest, most powerful machine ever, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).  (Keeping in mind that the clock was the first real machine).

The LHC is a powerful particle accelerator housed in a 27-kilometer circular tunnel underground on the France-Swiss border. It is estimated that there are 60 or more smaller particle accelerators  scattered around the world. atlas_cern_bigOriginally the LHC was said to be a physics project in search of the “God particle”, also know as the Higgs Boson, the element that gives mass to atoms. The Higgs field is found wherever matter is not, and with the Higgs field scientists can alter reality and study the science behind what is called “paranormal activity”.

Having discovered the “God particle” in 2012, the attention of LHC is now focussed on cracking the code of physical form as it searches for dark matter, anti-matter, the origin of the Big Bang, black holes and parallel dimensions.

1989:  Law of Time and World Wide Web

In 1989, Jose Arguelles made the groundbreaking discovery of the Law of Time in Geneva, Switzerland where he distinguished between two primary frequencies: 12:60 mechanized time and 13:20 galactic/natural time.

In this same year CERN released the World Wide Web (WWW). (Interesting to note that only three hours from Geneva was the home of Carl Jung, who put forth the first treatise on Synchronicity in 1952).

Invented in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee, a British scientist at CERN. The Web was originally conceived as a way to facilitate automatic information-sharing between scientists in universities and institutes around the world. It was officially made available to the public on April 30, 1993, Kin 57: Red Overtone Earth.


Note that Web or (Inter)Net signifies something that we can be caught or trapped in. In the Book of Hopi Frank Waters states: “This is the fifth sign, the land shall be criss-crossed by a giant spiders web.”

We now know that 96 percent of the Web is inaccessible to the general public. This is known as the ‘dark web’ and can only be accessed through specific programs, most commonly the Tor web browser.

Enter at Gate 33

Visitors to CERN report to building 33. Of course 33 is key number for Freemasons. Cosmic Science tells us of the 33 chambers of RA that hold the secrets of electricity in the 13th chamber.

The LHC operates on super electronics or electrical charges motored by a synchrotron, cyclical particle accelerator. A collider is the basic tool of particle physics where they take a stream of particles, accelerate them as fast as possible and then smash them into each other.

A year before the LHC first became active in 2008, Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan received the final codes of the prophecy of Pacal Votan (2007). images-1He called the mathematical system Synchronotron (unaware of the synchrotron’s existence).

While the LHC is based on finding the origins of the universe by smashing matter, the Synchronotron seeks to gain understanding of the universe through a system of harmonic resonance. It is a telepathic technology.

LHC  is looking for the glue that holds the universe together and the force behind the glue. The Law of Time states that time (as frequency 13:20) is the “glue” or unifying force that holds all universes together and remains constant throughout all dimensions. 11424006_707702869376414_8155605956967712731_n Earthquakes, Black Holes and other Dimensions

The method of the LHC is to fire two beams of protons in opposite directions so they smash into each other at a high speed.  Recently scientists at CERN achieved 13 TeV (teraelectronvolts), which according to The Economic Times, is “an energy never achieved by any accelerator in the past.

If all is vibration, then what effect does this have on the human and planetary electromagnetic field?

The CERN LHC first fired up on September 10, 2008, kin 205. After this occurred earthquakes happened in Iran, Chile and Japan of over 6.0 magnitude.  The next day, the system broke down.

On November 20, 2009, Kin 121 (signature of the Discovery of the Law of Time) the LHC started up again and shortly after was the Norway spiral anomoly, on December 9, 2009, Kin 140. article-1234430-0787DEA4000005DC-908_634x348Some say this was a wormhole opened by the combined result of LHC working in tandem with HAARP. Interestingly, the following day President Obama visited Norway where he received a Nobel Peace Prize (while the award announcement itself occurred on the day of the spiral anomaly). CERN began more experiments on December 17, 2012, Kin 203, which concluded on December 21 2012, Kin 207. On this day a black cube was photographed near the Sun. ae5c240e-1d43-47d9-ac8e-0b5a88b4af7e175 cern-lhc_vs_mayan_calendar

The Large Hadron Collider could open a doorway to an extra dimension and out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it. –Sergio Bertolucci, Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN

The idea of multiple universes is more than a fantastic invention and deserves to be taken seriously. –Aurelien Barrau, French particle physicist at the CERN

All is a Symbol

CERN is an abbreviated title for the god Cernunnos meaning “horned one” who is often associated with PAN. His birthday is celebrated on December 21. Cernunnos_Danemark_1It is said that Cernunnos controls the shadows and is known for death and resurrection after the order of Osiris and Horus. The CERN logo bears the numbers 666 and outside the CERN laboratory is a statue of Shiva, Hindu goddess of destruction.Unknown-3 The CERN headquarters is located on the grounds established by Romans as Appolocian location for temple honoring Apollo. Apollo, like Pacal Votan, is a solar lord or sun god. Pacal means solar shield.  In the Book of Revelations verse 9:11 Apollo is known as the one with the key to the gates of the abyss.

Some believe that the LHC will open a bridge to Saturn, and that the grids of the LHC are in communication with its rings which act like a broadcasting station. The Dreamspell Genesis states the origin of the human memory virus has its roots in Saturn and Jupiter:

imagesOrigin of virus: double-agent time bandits on Jupiter and Saturn wanting to take over local star system project with 12:60 ratio beam toward Earth to keep time colonists in third dimension. The source of the trouble came from counter-agents who had taken over the planets Jupiter and Saturn … These counter-agents now held the two largest planets of the Kinich Ahau (Solar) system and formed an effective block between the third and eighth orbits, rendering the construction of the time tunnel impossible.

All Paths Lead to Rome

The Vatican is in charge of your daily appointment schedule. If you think you have trouble getting out of this chaotic civilization and you can’t stop the war, that’s because these instruments are owned by corporations, organizations or fictional ghost entities from the Vatican and the Pentagon. –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

CERN also has ties with the Vatican. The Vatican owns some of the largest telescopes in the world, including the Lucifer 2 Large Binocular Telescope based at Vatican Observatory on Mt. Graham near Tucson, AZ.  The late Father Malachi Martin claimed that the Vatican is observing something approaching the Earth that will be of key importance in coming years.

Mt. Graham is hailed by the Apache Indian Tribe as one of the four most sacred mountains in the world and is said to be a stargate. There has been a battle with the Apaches who protested the building of this observatory atop Mt. Graham

This year, on September 23, Pope Francis will meet with President Obama at the White House. This day happens to be Kin 173: Red Self-Existing Skywalker, Obama’s galactic signature and Pope Francis is Kin 23: Blue Planetary Night.

In Dreamspell cosmology, President Obama’s signature is associated with Mars and Pope Francis’ with Saturn. Saturn in Greek is Chronos or the god of time. The city of Rome was originally known as Saturnia or the city of Saturn. Washington D.C. was once also called Rome.

September 23 is the day of atonement, equinox and also the 266th day of the Gregorian year and Pope Francis is the 266th pope to succeed apostle Peter. He is also the 112th and final pope in the prophecy of popes

The following day after his meeting with Obama, on September 24, Kin 174, the Pope will address the United States Congress for the first time in history. This day also happens to be the exact midpoint of the 812-day cycle of solar consciousness (see previous post). Four days later, on kin 178: White Solar Mirror concludes the final lunar eclipse of the Blood Moon tetrad.

To conclude:  While LHC seeks to build a bridge to other dimensions through smashing atoms in the search for dark matter, Synchronotron and the Law of Time seek to embody solar consciousness to build the bridge of time for the Return of the People of OMA “Original Matrix Attained.”         Ultimately, Love bridges all dimensions …

Cross beyond the last frontier

of all your hope and fear

and there behold the crystal fold

of what is close and near …

Cosmic Reset – Report from 13 Day Brazil Event

When you truly want to be released from this earth dream there is no power that can stop you from attaining liberation–never doubt it.   — Yogananda, Kin 102

 As we make our way through this holographic earth matrix, energies can get intense and  perceptions can become distorted or confused at times.  But we mustn’t give up. There is always another way, a path unseen available just to the periphery of our conditioned mind.

 Recently the FLT held a 13 day Cosmic Reset retreat in Brazil that began with the Lunar eclipse on Kin 1 (April 4), just 15 days after the solar eclipse. The eclipses were followed by a devastating earthquake in the Himalayas in Nepal and a massive eruption of the Calcuco Volcano in the Andes of Chile.

“The Himalayas and the Andes represent the spiritual axes of our earth – the Andes anchoring the Divine Feminine pole and the Himalayas anchoring the Divine Masculine pole. These events deliver yet another urgent message to humanity. The Great Mother is shaking at Her core and seeking to restore equilibrium at Her poles. Each one of us may assist by re-establishing balance within our beings. We are Her Body.” –esoteric astrologer Phillip Lindsay.


The best way we can give back to the earth is through cultivating profound states of receptivity (feminine energy) .We explored  how our physical bodies are bio-electromagnetic batteries. When we enter states of receptivity, then we can merge with the earth’s geo-electromagnetic battery which then connects us with the Sun’s solar-electromagnetic battery.

We also explored different facets of cosmic science which shows how the human body is plugged into the greater cosmos. We are learning to generate new plasmas within our chakra system in conjunction with the planetary chakra systems to create an interactive force field between our body and planets.

5D Upgrade: New Operating System

The overriding theme of the 13 days is that we are being upgraded with an entirely new fifth-dimensional operating system. Different codes can then be plugged into this new operating system generating fresh perceptions and new context for the time-space that we are living in.

These synchronic codes, mathematical in nature, are keys to descrambling the time distortion matrix by equipping us with a multidimensional lens  in which to decode “reality.”

This new operating system, feminine in nature,  requires the nurturance and care for the totality of our being, not just one aspect, but the whole package must be taken into consideration and balanced: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

Our goal is to increase planetary consciousness by developing higher faculties of the mind that break us out of the old conditoned boxes that we have been born into. It is up to us to develop a new model of what we are becoming. To do this it is helpful to have images or symbols to work with. We think in pictures.

hvvhvvkWhen we have no image for what we are becoming,  then we have to create it. There is no model outside of ourselves. It is up to us to solve our own dissonance between the worlds (i.e. on the one hand having high mystical experiences while also worrying about how to pay bills–the human dilemma). Imagination is key. Imagination breaks us out of our limited boxes. In fact, the true Queen is Divine Imagination. The true King is Divine Will, which is the will to act after having received the pulse of the divine imagination born of supreme receptivity.

13-Day Recap

In this 13-day Cosmic Reset,  we went to the root of our primal woundings, did ceremony to heal the masculine and feminine, explored the origin of Easter and how our world is artificially programmed, created music and explored new planetary myths, journeyed through the six mental spheres opening to a new cosmic psychology, dipped into the plasma universe, planetary geomancy and what it means to be a crystal human, conducted a planetary love ritual to empower each of us, performed galactic theater, wrote our personal/planetary mission statements, released our emotions, created wonderful vegetarian meals in our earth families, participated in a heart opening cacao ceremony after exploring the nine time dimensions, entered into the synchronotron and the 11 dimensional universe, while concluding with exploring time travel and group sharing.

images-10The main points highlighted is that the entire world of form is a symbolic  code and the true nature of reality has been covered over by the material world of artificial time. We have to reflect over and over about the nature of reality, and then begin to ask new questions.

At a certain point we realize that Something is pulling us Somewhere. Ultimately we are being magnetically drawn into the Collective Present Moment.  We have been living in a past hologram for so long, replicating the same programming with all of its scary monsters, forgetting who we are, what we are doing and what our mission is on this planet.

For many of us it can feel like we have to exert so much just to keep our head above water — disciplining the mind, generating love in the face of darkness, and exerting in new patterns. But it is all worth it.

We were blessed at this event to tap this memory and experience the pure resonance of this divine grace together as one.  Resonance is experienced as moments of complete melting into a situation and getting to a place where there are no barriers between what you think you are and what the situation is.  It all Just IS.

Anytime pure resonance is experienced by a group, it is registered into the Noosphere (planetary mind) making this energy more available for the collective.  When we all simultaneously enter the Eternal Now, we remember that we are connected to something so vast, so amazingly intelligent, electric, dazzling,  beautiful, radiant pure love  beyond our wildest imagination. It is very humbling.

Our confidence comes from the remembrance that peace has already been accomplished and we are just projecting backwards remembering how we got there and how we solved all these problems. If we begin to respond from the future rather than recreate the past, then the solutions will present themselves more readily.  Everything comes from opening into the NOW…186283273dglobewithfloweroflifesymbol

Note: We will further explore these themes at our event in Los Angeles May 21-24. There are still a few spaces available; hope to see you there! For questions please contact Nicki -Rhythmic Hand: or


BRAZIL EVENT: Kin 13; Red Cosmic Skywalker

Deepest gratitude to Andre, Tiele and Isis for hosting this event and all who assisted to create the love and magic.

Also a call for the original Earth Wizards of Picarquin to share your stories/lessons/projects in Genesis of Galactic Seed Culture. Contact Flaviah, 7 Star or Katarinia, Magnetic Storm:, for more details.