Crop Circle: Time Magic or Coincidence?

On the 29th anniversary of Harmonic Convergence a crop circle was reported at Nursteed Farm, nr Devizes, Wiltshire, UK (17th August 2016: Kin 241)

29 days earlier on Kin 212, 18 July, we had a kin gathering in Glastonbury. That evening, four of us decided to test our unified mind power to see if we could create a crop circle.

This day Kin 212 was 108 days from the conclusion of the 812 day cycle of solar consciousness. Our experiment commenced at Hawthorns hotel, address 8-12, where we joined hands in concentrated effort. (Not claiming we created it, but … Time Magic, or coincidence?).

The crop circle that appeared is very similar to the ‘heptaganon of mind”, with the 7 key points held together by the 7 radial plasmas (see 7:7::7:7 Telektonon prophecy).  See graphics below (maybe someone can post a better image and analysis :).  Also see Facebook page for a ‘readout’ of this crop circle.


The Universe itself is a Cubic structure with many different dimensions of spheres within spheres within spheres. Book of Cube

kit-7777-lgEarlier that day Mertxe, Kin 259 from Spain had given me wheat from the crop circle at Stonehenge.   After seeing the recent crop circle, she forwarded the following passage from the Arcturus Probe by Jose Arguelles. (Read to end and you will see it tie in with crop circle).

     Maldek was the lost Eden.  The story you know of Eden is the rationalization of the guilty Jupiterians. The tree of wisdom is the cosmic template of the thirteen dimensions. The knowledge which Eve “tasted” in the apple offered by the serpent descending from the crown of the tree of life is the knowledge called Xymox.

“Jehovah” is the ancient engram bringing the Seed and Eagle tribes under Lucifer’s influence. The driving out of the garden of Adam and Eve is the dissemination of the lost tribes at the moment of Maldek’s destruction.

Unknown-1The angel with the fiery sword standing guard at the garden gate is the keeper of galactic memory. Who dares to break enslavement and bondage to the third-dimensional world of the 12:60 time beam may easily take the fiery sword from the angel and cut the knot of amnesia which is interdimensional ignorance.

I am Merlyn. Maldek is my domain. I am the ancient “one-and-the-many” who transmits the knowledge of time-sharing to those of you of the third world, called Earth. This I know and can now tell you: the time wars are just now reaching their climax. There is no evil but the projection of the shadow cast by ignorance. My oracle and prophecy is this:

When the root is bound to the crown,                                                                                   Lucifer will show only light in the round                                                                                 Only light in the round, all stars heaven-bound
Only light shall rise, the rest fall down
Lucifer revealed, time tunnels returned
Arcturians Antareans no longer spurned.

This oracle and prophecy have I, Merlyn, the timeless one, left for you to discover in the fields and rocks that you call home. For when the circles appear among the rows of wheat, then shall the rocks remember to you what must be done to seize the time and know your enslavement to time no more!

The Prague Key: Harmonic Revolution

As knowledge of time increases, the power of the synchronic order expands into our waking consciousness. There really is time magic. –Valum Votan

It has now been 29 years since the Harmonic Convergence, when millions of people gathered at sacred sites creating a geosynchronous network of light spanning the globe.

In the book Power versus Force, Dr. David Hawkins explains how he has been able to measure the vibration of the population of the world through a method of kinesiology. He found that after the Harmonic Convergence, the global vibration had risen above any level ever previously known to our civilization. The shift that occurred during two days (August 16-17, 1987) affected the vibration of the whole planet.

Several positive events occurred shortly after the Harmonic Convergence, the world’s first global synchronized meditation for peace:

1) the Berlin Wall came down (which led to a change in the world’s political, economic and cultural landscape), 2) Brazil shifted from a dictatorship to a democracy, 3) Nelson Mandela was released from prison and South Africa’s Apartheid system dissolved, leading to its first democratic election, and 4) the Communist regime of the USSR disintegrated. Many people reported life-changing experiences at this time, and a new feeling of hope pervaded.

John Lennon wall in Prague

John Lennon wall in Prague

UnknownTen days before the Harmonic Convergence anniversary, I arrived in Prague on the 71s anniversary of Hiroshima Day.  I was mesmerized by the sacred architecture, alchemical history, and the Velvet Revolution. I experienced an electrified remembrance in this magical city and feel Prague holds an important Key to our Future.

I was deeply touched when I saw pictures of the Velvet Revolution where millions of people gathered in Wenceslas Square to peacefully protest the end of the oppressive Communist government. The Revolution began November 17, 1989, Kin 98, White Resonant Mirror with the affirmation:

I channel in order to reflect,

Inspiring Order,

I seal the Matrix of Endlessness,

With the Resonant tone of Attunement,

I am guided by the power of Heart. ,

1989-crowds-gather-in-the-streets-of-Prague-to-take-part-in-the-Velvet-Revolution.The people unified together as one and overthrew the entire government. Their theme song was “We Shall Overcome,” also the anthem for the African-American Civil Rights Movement.

The final collapse of Communism came simultaneous to the discovery of the Law of Time in Geneva, Switzerland on December 10, 1989: Red Self Existing Dragon. On this same day the President of Czechoslovakia, Gustáv Husák, appointed the first largely non-communist government in more than 40 years. Then he resigned.

Twenty days later Czech writer and philosopher, Václav Havel, was elected President (1989 – 1992). He served as the last president of Czechoslavakia as well as the first president of the new Czech Republic after the Czech-Slovak split.

A supporter of James Lovelock’s Gaia Hypothesis, Havel stated: “The real hope of people today is a renewal of our certainty that we are rooted in the earth and, at the same time, the cosmos. It is this awareness that endows us with the capacity for self-transcendence…”

Velvet Underground becomes Revolution

Havel named the Velvet Revolution based on the American band the Velvet Underground, headed by Lou Reed. Havel, who had a passion for music and art, counted Lou Reed and Joan Baez among his close circle of friends.

1096_large_1 In 1968 Havel had traveled to US and smuggled a Velvet Underground album which would also later inspire the Plastic People of the Universe, an influential Prague rock and roll band who formed in September 1968, one month after roughly 750,000 Warsaw Pact troops invaded Czechoslovakia to suppress a short-lived period of artistic freedom known as the Prague Spring.

The salvation of this human world lies nowhere else than in the human heart, in the human power to reflect, in human meekness and human responsibility. –Vaclav Havel, Kin 210/White Lunar Dog


Countries that were once behind the “Iron Curtain” of the Communist regime: 

Prague, Kepler and Maldek

In Prague, I was surprised to walk by the home of German mathematician and astronomer, Johannes Kepler, who I had no idea had lived here. Kepler is also largely responsible for the discovery of  Maldek, now the Asteroid Belt.

Following the harmonic concepts of Kepler and Copernicus, numerous astronomers were convinced that between Mars and Jupiter there should be another planet, and so discovered the Asteroid Belt.


Kepler’s house in Prague. Note that December 2012 marked Kepler’s 441st birthday. He was born in 1571 in the Year of White Galactic Wizard, same as 1987.

Quetzalcoatl and Kepler Supernovas.

It is interesting to note that supernova 1987A was the largest supernova since Keplers supernova of 1604 that occurred in the constellation of Opiuchus (serpent). Of course Serpent is associated with Maldek.  Kepler wrote a book on the subject called De Stella nova in pede Serpentarii (“On the new star in Ophiuchus’s foot”, Prague 1606).

Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan called the 1987 supernova, Quetzalcoatl, the flying serpent.  Harmonic Convergence was the conclusion of the 1144 year prophecy of Quetzalcoatl.  He attributed much of the downloading of galactic codes to this supernova, including the 441 cube matrix. (Note that Kepler’s 441st birthday was December 2012).

For further info on the supernova 1987A see posts by RuBen Solar Skywalker:

In the August 11th, 1987 edition of The New York Times, in the article: “New Era Dawns—or Just a New Day?” José Arguelles was quoted:

“…The vibratory infrastructure holding the Earth together is in a condition of intense fever called resonant dissonance. Influences such as the arms race and insults to the environment could cause the breakup of the Earth into smaller bodies not unlike the Asteroid Belt…This can be averted, by harmonic convergence achieved in a synchronized collective of human beings, through which the possibility of a New Heaven and a New Earth is fully present.”

In the series,  Avatar: the Last Airbender, Harmonic Convergence is described as a “supernatural phenomenon that occurs once every ten thousand years. When the planets align, spiritual energy is greatly amplified, causing the spirit portals at the North and South Poles to merge, while an aura of spirit energy envelops the Earth.” During this event the main characters Raava (light) and Vaatu (dark) engage in battle that determines the fate of the world until the next Harmonic Convergence.

to be continued…

Vaclav is Kin 210: White Lunar Dog;  Johannes Kepler is Kin 188: Yellow Rhythmic Star. Harmonic Convergence is Kin 55 and 56: Blue Electric Eagle and Yellow Self-Existing Warrior; Lou Reed is Kin 103: Blue Crystal Night, Joan Baez is Kin 206: White Spectral Worldbridger


TimeSpace One Launch!

Join us for the TimeSpace One launch!
Expand your Perception of What is Possible!

48 Hour Rolling Wave of Global Synchronized Meditation for Planetary Regeneration.

July 25, 2016 00:00 UTC ~Day Out of Time 2016~
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After this additional 48-hour meditation wave, TimeSpace One App will be accessible at any time and is recommended for weekly use for Blue Spectral Storm Year. We are currently working on TimeSpace One rider program for synchronic order activations. Stay tuned for details:

The launch of this app represents a milestone in bridging the gap between the technosphere (machine technology) and the noosphere (planetary mind) as a pivotal moment in the biosphere-noosphere transition.

This 48-hour meditation wave is dedicated to the late visionary Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan, inspired by his vision of the potential positive impact of the human mind through globally synchronized meditation.

Biosolar activation would be furthered by the establishment of a virtual noosphere: a cyberspheric network setting up countless points of noospheric convergence.  –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

Following written by Kin 68:

From the initial Subliminal influencing during Commercial Advertising both in the Movie house or during T.V. programming in the early 50’s, Frequency Modulation has been an undercurrent if Influencing through Technology on Earth. The First Episode of The Twilight Zone with its Waveform Signal “you are entering…” This was set forth as a Reality altering Symbology.

Now, The Foundation For The Law Of Time by Cosmic Command Descent in following certain directives are instructed to Take under Supervision a ” Broadcast Signal ” Synchronizing Meditation.

In 1996 Jose’ Arguellas Valum Votan set forth in his seminal work Call of Pacal Votan Time is the Fourth Dimension, the Concept of Chronosphere The At-one-ment of Biospsychic, Biomass constant and Crystalline Structures, through 1) the recognition that Carbon Dioxide and Silicon Dioxide Structures were to operate as One within the 3rd Dimensional Harmonic Planetary Life. 2) That Crystals has Maximum Transduction with Sentiency and The Human possesses Maximum Sentiency with Transduction. This fusion of Conscious Awareness and focused intention of The Whole as a Whole System Awareness could bring Humanity into Harmony with Nature.

It is Our Intent to Expand upon our Yogic Meditation Science of Harmony within the Chakra, bodily and Brain Heptad Gate center Awareness down to Cellular brain System harmony and through Humena Technologies and Synchronization From 7.8 Hz to 40 Hz and take under Supervision a Whole Systems Broadcast for Frequency Modulation for Transmissions of Light-Love-Peace.

This Frequency Modulation input by the Whole System Awareness of the Genuine Human will expand Soul Energetic inputs into the very silicon chip array throughout all Motherboard Hardware systems and inculcate various satellite arrays within these networked systems. The Expansion of Chronospheric infusion unto silicon chip componentry makes fast BioSphere NoOsphere Transition…

Solstice, Sabbats and England Event

Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. … There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature — the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.
—Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

Solstice and Equinox are points for heightened synchronicity and magic. June 20, 2016 Solstice occurs on Blue Magnetic Night coinciding with a Full Moon, an occurrence that will not happen again until 6.21.2062: Red Galactic Skywalker.Dscf0692bc

On this powerful Solstice day comes a reminder of the patterns of nature through the Wheel of the Year: the 8 sabbats + 1 Day out of Time. Sabbats (sacred time) are the elemental cycles of nature that effect and inform our consciousness based on the solar cycle with the appearance and disappearance of light.

All of our holidays are based on these 8 sabbats which were originally seasonal celebrations of the elemental world. They were prompted not by calendars but by changes of light and observing rainfall, nature and the natural world.

This is a blueprint of the earths time: two equinoxes holding the gravitational plane and balancing dark and light; and two solstices marking the death and birth of the Sun.
Christian holidays are based on this Wheel. After the establishment of the Christian church the ways of nature were displaced and our natural festivals of the elements were replaced  by religious holidays: solstice for Chrismas and Equinox for Easter, etc.

It is beautiful to strip down to the elements and feel the simplicity of the natural cycles based on the sun’s appearance and disappearance.

Here is a brief overview of the 8 sabbats:

Samhain begins the year, and is the ultimate rite of the union of masculine and feminine that created the new conception. This mythology is based on the birth of the sun.


8 Sabbats +1 Day out of Time. Approximate dates according to Northern Hemisphere (reverse for Southern). Each of these 9 points has a galactic guardian as represented in this graphic as the 9 Great Lha, governing time and destiny. Also the 8 contains the base triplet codons of the DNA. These points are what order our planet.

On Winter Solstice (Yule) the seed is planted and gestates in womb. It is the time when we celebrate the return of light, the birth of sun within the dark of the night.  Then we move to Imbolc (Candlemas) to celebrate the return of the sun. This is still celebrated in many places around the world as the festival of lights.. In the United States children’s holidays have been overlaid onto the nature points; i.e. Halloween has been overlaid onto Samhain and Groundhog day for Imbolc.

Spring equinox (Ostara) is the celebration of new light when nature bursts forth with new life and flowers begin to bloom, a time of awakening from the dark slumber.  Then we move to Beltaine which is a ceremony of love, wine, dance and fertility. This is followed by Summer Solstice (Midsummer), the time of the great Ripening, when the Sun climaxes, reaching its peak and we celebrate the fullness of life.

Then sun begins to wane and we enter into Lughnasad (Lammas), a time of ceremony to celebrate the waning of sun and a point of turning within. Then we reach the Autumn Equinox (Mabon), a magical time when the leaves turn colors and fall to the ground. This time represents the death of the old sun and turning inward for reflection and introspection in preparation for the next gestation of the sun’s cycle.

Between Summer Solstice and Lammas is the Day out of Time,  the only galactic holiday where we celebrate solar/galactic consciousness, time is art, universal forgiveness and the remembrance of our star origins.

If we surrendered
to earth’s intelligence
we could rise up rooted, like trees.
—Rainer Maria Rilke



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Glastonbury Galactic Gathering

Psychic Struggle and Synchronotron

At this very moment the lines of destiny are being unraveled and rewoven into a new pattern.

From one perspective, it appears there is a battle within the Planet mind between the conditioned historical force and the cosmic freedom of the new, the noosphere. But it is only the old that is doing battle. Ancient story. Ancient forces. Ancient powers at play.ancientatomic07_03

The story replays itself until we learn the lessons.

All the perturbations we are experiencing in the world today are a result of adjustments involved in the biosphere-noosphere transition with its many implications, overlapping forcefields and timelines. We are at the point where all that was hidden (throughout aeons) is now being revealed. Though some are not ready to know.

With all the tragedy and injustices we see in the world, it is important to do all we can to maintain a vibration of harmony. By succumbing and reacting to events or people with aggression, hate or violent opposition is to entangle our vibration in the conflicting energy and repeat the cycle.

Rather than argue with others about differing belief systems, find common ground. Agree to disagree. Remember what is truly important. Focus on the Big Picture. We are being given opportunities for growth that are inaccessible in “normal” times (whatever that is).

“Adversity should be immediately recognized as an object of either compassion or patience because without such an object how can we bring out these noble qualities?” Tzo Nyuhdo.

We are releasing (the old) and simultaneously evolving (the new) which creates a sense of chaotic dissonance. The psychic struggle is a stage of evolution and it too shall pass. Now is the time to strengthen and discipline our minds, as darkness feeds on weakness, lower emotions and inability to control them.

13348856_257230144632871_1542436043_nAt the sight of conflict the Secret Dreamers withdraw to Higher Ground to continue their internal preparation for the moment when Emergence is inevitable. For they know that Mind is the interiorization of Matter and Matter is the externalization of Mind. And  perfect Love, Compassion and Forgiveness is the Universal solvent.

Each day that passes is one closer to the last. Now is the time to activate our Superconscious mind, open our hearts, remember who we are, stabilize the realization, and then act accordingly.

To create positive change in this world requires acting from the inside-out, not re-acting from the outside in.

Cycles within Cycles

Resonant Warrior/June 13, marked 144 days remaining in the 812-day cycle to solar consciousness (see previous blog).

This cycle concludes Self-Existing Moon 18 (November 4, 2016): Kin 60, Yellow Galactic Sun, sign of Pacal Votan.

Four days later occurs the U.S. presidential election November 8, Yellow Crystal Seed, Kin 64. Six days later is a Supermoon/Full Moon in Taurus on Kin 70, November 14, which occurs at 13:52 UTC time.  Expect something new to be revealed.


This day, (November 8) Yellow Crystal Seed, is exactly 1 spin (260-day cycle) from Galactic New Year, July 26, 2017.

(Also it is interesting to note that time traveler Andrew Basiago, Kin 218, has announced his presidential campaign.  Whether you believe in it or not his story is an interesting one.

 64th Anniversary of the Discovery of Tomb Pacal Votan
June 15, 2016, White Solar Mirror, marks 64 years since the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan in Chiapas, Palenque.Unknown-6 Noting that 2012 only has meaning in light of the planetary whole systems design science which is predicated on an evolutionary shift from biosphere to noosphere.

The final key to the prophecy of Pacal Votan was the system of the Synchronotron as received by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan.

Synchronotron opens the path to the universal order of time and telepathic knowledge. It is like the Mothership of all of the synchronic  codes. Currently we are working on 260 Keys to Synchronotron: For People of the Future that will be available by Galactic New Year.AAmidway-ship

One application of this multi-faceted system is to access the harmonic records of memory or consciousness stored in a particular frame of number matrices. This is genuinely new knowledge for this planet and a new galactic operating system for the human.

New knowledge cannot come into existence unless there is a vacuum that establishes the need for new information. This vacuum is created by our present planetary process or stage where the acceleration of events and information coupled with a collective loss of orientation, meaning and purpose. This species-wide disorientation requires a greater vision and answer than previously known. -Cosmic History Chronicles, Vol. 1


Hexagram 64

In light of the recurrence of number 64 it is interesting to contemplate hexagram 64 of the I Ching.

This hexagram is called Before Completion. It states: Thus the superior man is careful in the differentiation of things, so that each finds its place.

It continues:

When fire, which by nature flames upward, is above, and water, which flows downward, is below, their effects take opposite directions and remain unrelated. If we wish to achieve an effect, we must first investigate the nature of the forces in question and ascertain their proper place.

If we can bring these forces to bear in the right place, they will have the desired effect and completion will be achieved. But in order to handle external forces properly, we must above all arrive at the correct standpoint ourselves, for only from this vantage can we work correctly.

In times of disorder there is temptation to advance oneself as rapidly as possible in order to accomplish something tangible. But this enthusiasm leads only to failure and humiliation if the time for achievement has not yet arrived.

Hexagram 64 also relates to codon 64: Prepared. Galactic Octave Unifies the Dimensions.

64 Codones y Runas UR